Live from Nashiville!

"Sunday Night LIVE From Nashville!"
Conference Call / iTV WEBCAST!"
Double-Gold-Medal In March...
Actually, the full title is
"Double-Gold-Medal In March, 1-Month Wonder DIQ In April,
Cadillac and Triple-Star Before End Of June!"  WooHoo ...:)!!!
Think about these 'Heart-Questions' .......
How much do YOU need a 'Game-Changer' in your Income?))!!!
How much has NOT HAVING HAD a 'Step-By-Step Tracking-System' already cost YOU???
Are you brave enough, courageous enough to accurately establish a dollar-value
of NOT HAVING the 'Events-With-Skills-Habits-Ownership' in action for EACH of the past 8 Weeks!?)?)!!   [ouch...:((]
Have you had 'one-too-many' disappointing frustrations of 'Unreached Goals'??(((
Are you ..... [[ seriously ... ]] are YOU 'sick and tired of being sick and tired??(((
Is it time for a 'Emergency Sea-Change', Turning Point, and 'Turn the Tide' for
the rest of your life?
Is it possible that if you don't increase your income quickly, that a family member may suggest that you put yourself in .... "TIME-OUT"...:((((??(((((
Are you absolutely, totally, COMPLETELY ready for our life-changing ALL NEW ... "David Cooper 8-WEEKS BLUEPRINT" to Super-Charge Your INCOME and $UCCE$$???!!!
Sunday Night LIVE from Nashville with David Cooper, this Sunday at 8:00 PM cst, 9:00est
Internet Television iTV WEBCAST.  40 Minutes BLUEPRINT of Jam-Packed Content. 

We will do the IDENTICAL content on a Webinar/Conference Call at 9:00 PM cst, 10:00 PM est.
So, just in case of any 'bandwidth issues',
simply join in on the Telephone Conference Call.
After your purchase, you will receive your Confirmation page, which is both the iTV url, as well as having  the Conf. Call numbers on it  So, either way, you will be able to enjoy and learn, learn, learn :)).
* Note: You will "Land" On The Live Viewing Page/Conference Call Number Page After You Have Made Your Selection. Save The Address!


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