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I often hear Consultants tell me that they can't attend trainings because of this and that.  In the Corporate world, weekly sales meetings are a vital part of the job.  When you are self-employed and have to be self-motivated, it becomes a critical component to your success.  Setting this meeting time in your schedule should be a priority just like...taking a class at the community college so that one day you can increase your income...working a part-time job, etc.
Are you really too busy?  Talking to a Jewel last week.  She was sharing all that was on her plate and how it's just a challenge right now.  Then I reminded her when she was employed last month at a job she left almost everyday crying...she still showed up everyday! She attended the training that night and gained new incites to her business and came back with a model on Thursday night to sell over $100.  So 2 nights-4 hours...she profited $50. AND in MK when that customer reorders, she will get paid over and over for those 4 hours she invested in her business.  Plus the referrals she received will continue to grow.
Are you really too busy to show go up?



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