Spring is in the Air

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Hello Super Stars!

Spring is in the air!  I’m so excited about these new Spring products and are you not loving our new foundation?  I hope you have contacted every one of your customers!  Next week we are doing a Swap & Save at our unit meeting. I put together an email marketing piece and sent it to all of my local customers to invite them to swap their not so favorite color items for the comparable color item in our line for a discount.  I also included a note about the new issue of the Look that should have made it to their mail box. If not, I linked an image of the look to my online e-catalog for their convenience.  

I will share with you, I didn’t have the Contact Group set up for my local customers so I had to go in and create it. Here’s what I did. I went to my UW Dashboard and clicked on Customers>Contact Groups. From there I clicked on Add a Contact Group and gave it a name Local Customers.  From there you can add members and an alphabetized list will appear to your left.  You can sort each of the columns which is helpful because all of your contacts are in one place.  Thanks to UW they have color coded our customers green.  So I clicked on the little arrows at the top of the column to lump all of my customers together and then selected the check box next to the name of my local customers!  Now, the best part is going forward when you add a new customer to your database, you will see this new Contact Group available in their profile. So as you add customers you can sort them into the appropriate contact groups and make email marketing so easy! 

Have a great month end!    

Pink Hugs,


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