The Chicken Book

 Julie Potts, is an Independent Senior Sales Director from Ft Myers, FL. Julie will post a blog each Saturday full of tips, tricks, info and advice for other consultants and directors. Be sure to check back each week!

I have been teaching a lot of people this month the Chicken Book so maybe you need one too! First, go get a composition book. You need it to last because you could be working with it for years. Second, go through your cellphone, facebook and emails. Write down everyone listed and leave a few lines to take notes because you won't always book them the first time you call so take notes of when to call back, when did you leave a message. I mark them off only after they become a Customer! Some contacts can take months or years to finally book. Third, don't skip anyone. If Albert is first then write him because we have men's products and most importantly, ALBERT KNOWS WOMEN! So call Albert and say...Hi Albert I am so excited. I just joined MK or I'm in a challenge with MK...and I need the women in your life. :) I will offer them a Free makeover pampering session plus a FREE gift from YOU! What about Dr Anderson? Are there women in the office? Stop by or call and say...Hi my name is Julie and I'm one of your patience. I just joined MK/I teach skincare and color with Mary Kay and I was hoping I got drop off a Book to your you have a MK Consultant servicing your office yet? Fourth, continuously add more names. Names from networking. Names from referrals at your appts. Names from anywhere you get a name and phone number. :) I call this my Chicken Book because you will be book book book booking! Keep it with you so that when you are waiting in carpool, on the treadmill at the gym, break at the office, or the kids are busy playing/doing homework then you can make one call. Often while the kids were growing up, I didn't have even 30 min free to make a series of calls but if organized then you can steal away calls here and there. Happy Booking!


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