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Julie Potts, is an Independent Senior Sales Director from Ft Myers, FL. Julie will post a blog each Saturday full of tips, tricks, info and advice for other consultants and directors. Be sure to check back each week!

Seems like its been awhile since I've covered face bags.  I put 30 together to start each month bc my goal is 30 every month.  So I am ready and all I do is grab how many bags needed per appt.


Use small mk bag or pretty cello bag:
skincare profile
sales ticket
beauty book
recruiting paper...any will do
hostess credit sheet  
business card
Mirror insert tray
Wash cloth-tear in half works
Mascara wand
Eye applicator

Maybe add Look Book but definitely have them on table. You can get 1-2 laminated a season so that you have ones you can put out and keep or there are page protector books just for Look Books...go to www.lastimp.com under business building ideas, they have book protectors the size of the Look and the Beauty Books.

I don't add cotton balls to the bag because they get in the mascara wand.  I use cotton pads for eye makeup remover and I have cheap mini cheek brushes instead of cotton balls for the blush or I use the Cream Blush with fingers. Then all you need are clean mirrors and off you go. 

At my party, the set up time is this...put out mirrors, put bag on top...I don't open til guest arrives! Open my roll up.  Lay out some candy and seasonal decorations on the table plus my 3 door prizes and hostess gift for holding party. Done until guests arrive!

Because someone will ask:  3 door prizes: 1 for referral game after skin care. Who gets done fastest gets gift. Everyone gets one glamour at half price for 7 names on profile. BTW, I changed this to after the skincare instead at the end of it all because once they get into their phones, I found that I lost some of their attention and their "buying mood."  So now I do the referral after skincare and right before PINK marketing then I finish with Color and my 4Q close.
1 for sales ticket drawing.  Hand out the sales tickets after the 4Q close and show them how to fill out their tickets. Let them know that refreshments will be after the drawing in about 15 min once you have collected all the sales tickets.  Then go around the table one by one and help them finish their tickets.  Once refreshments are served then you go around and book the parties so that the hostess gets her full credit.  1 for who buys the most.

Because someone will ask:  4Q Power Close that they write on the back of their profile card...
1- What would you like to learn more about at your second appt?
2- Would you like to have a private, party or be a face model for your second appt?  And please write am, pm or weekend for your best availability.
3- Which set appealed to you the most if you got MK for free...Goddess, Queen or Princess?
4- About the Thinking Pink...write Yes if you would like to take home some info. Write OK if your not interested in going pink but you could help me with my training.  It's a 20 min phone call and you get a free lipstick. or Write no to all of the above.

Party On!


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