Race to Red

Margrette Field, an Independent Sales Director from Vista, CA. Margrette will post a blog each Tuesday full of tips, tricks, info and advice for other consultants and directors. Be sure to check back each week!

Hello Super Stars!

Are you ready for an Audacious April?  There is really only one thing I have to say this week.  $50 Starter Kit!!!!!!  Yahoo!! I hope that you’re focused on building your team and it couldn’t be any easier to offer this amazing opportunity than with a ½ price Starter Kit!  Thank you, Mary Kay!  As we know the best place to find new team members is at our Skin Care Classes, right?!  New team members that come from your appointments see the fun we have and how we make our money.  It’s the next logical step after falling in love with our products, to fall in love with our business!  This means, your best customers would be a great place to start in team building. They will also be a great referral source for you!  Go to your UW Dashboard and click on the “Home” tab and then click Reports.  You will find an option to see your Top Performing Customers!  You can sort through them by names and dates for a specific time.  Then, go down the list and ask yourself these two questions.  Do I like her?  Would I be upset if someone else recruited her?  This will be a great place to start in addition to the new faces you’ll see all month long. 

Sell your way to Star, Race to RED!!!

Pink Hugs,


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