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Hello Super Stars!

Do you feel the excitement around the $50 Starter Kit?  I hope you’re sharing this promotion with everyone you know this month!  And, to keep up with all of the follow ups you are probably doing and to help you stay focused on all of the other tasks you have for yourself, remember you can utilize the email notification option in UnitWise!  I LOVE this!  Every morning I receive an email with my “agenda” for the day!  The way you want to set this up is by going to Settings>Preferences>Others and selecting the box for Daily Email Notification of Agenda.  You can print this out and viola, you have all of your appointments and reminders of what to do and you’re ready to start your day. Get creative with the appointments you set for yourself. I recommend an “appointment” for your Power Hour!  This will include PRO-activity.  Income Producing Activities (booking, coaching, selling, sharing our business information, asking for referrals, and then everything else!)  I also like to include my daily affirmation time!  You can set up reminders throughout the day, if you wish. Those can be set up to be texted or emailed or have a pop up on your computer sent to you.

Make it a GREAT day!

Pink Hugs,


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