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Margrette Field, an Independent Sales Director from Vista, CA. Margrette will post a blog each Tuesday full of tips, tricks, info and advice for other consultants and directors. Be sure to check back each week!

Hello Gorgeous!

A fun and easy way to keep things fresh on your websites is to use the Custom Borders tool.  If you’ve been with UnitWise a long time you may have missed the updates to the borders that are now available! 

Simply click on the Custom Borders tab when you’re designing your webpage on the right hand side of the screen.  Then select your border by drawing the mouse from left to right diagonally and click “ctrl+C” then go back to your screen and then paste by using “ctrl+V”.  You can give some of the same information a new eye catching border to make it “new” again.

Remember our Heroes are always available to help us.  If you have any questions, feel free to shoot them an email at or see if they are available for an online chat! 

Have a GREAT week!

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