Keeping Your Business Information Safe

(The following message was sent to our users on Saturday, April 30)

Due to the impact of the recent storms in the southeast, we at UnitWise would like to extend our sympathy to all those who have been affected by this disaster. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of them! Over the last few days, we have been asked many questions by both our users and our partners about how UnitWise stores information, and how UnitWise would be able to function in the event of a natural disaster.

UnitWise is a subsidiary of Span Enterprises, a cutting-edge software company based in South Carolina. We invested a considerable amount of time, money, and research to develop a highly secure and fully redundant system for our users. Our system stores all information on our secure servers which are built with many redundancies to protect your information which is hosted and monitored by a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. Our servers have security systems in place to protect information from fire, power outages, and temperature disruption. Here is a list of the ways that UnitWise assures you that your information will be kept safely, and our system will be up and running:

-Fire: Our Servers utilize the Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA) to sniff the air to detect a fire in its earliest stages. In the unlikely event that a fire does occur, our data center is partitioned into a series of small rooms in a zoned approach to ensure that only one zone would be affected. Each zone has its own separate FE25 clean agent fire suppression system for continuous operation of non-effected equipment in the event of a fire.  

-Power Outage: Equipment within the data center is provided with conditioned electrical power via two redundant 625Kva Liebert UPS systems. These units are a critical component of the always-on power supply to your equipment as they provide power during the interval between loss of utility power and the firing and synchronization of the diesel generator. To ensure that the generator is always ready for immediate service, a preset test-firing sequence is executed once each calendar month.  

-Temperature Disruption: Our data center uses a Liebert cooling system that utilizes four 30 ton air handlers in each data center zone, each with redundant compressor units and integrated humidity controls. These internal units are supplied by three 50 horsepower coolant pumps pushing supply and return fluids to three external cooling towers. This system provides excellent redundancy, scalability, and environmental management. 

We designed UnitWise with your needs in mind, so that you could always be able to manage your information Anytime, Anywhere. Please do not hesitate to call, email, or chat with us about any questions that you may have.

Thank You!

Heroes at UnitWise


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