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Cathy Koning
My Signature Sites, Inc.

We know you are working hard to grow your business with new team members and more efficient training of new and seasoned consultants.  We know you're extremely busy with your personal customers, organizing meetings, conducting interviews, etc. etc. etc.  Where do you find the time to put thought into revamping your New Consultant Training?  How do you incorporate Silver Wings Scholar Program on inTouch?   How do you track which new consultants are working their business and which need encouragement?

We have the answer!  We have created a New Consultant Training page for your website that coordinates with Silver Wings.  Instead of duplicating what inTouch has to offer, we've made it easy for you to incorporate it into your system. 

I love what Mary Kay is offering New Consultants with the Silver Wings program.  I have two problems with the system:
a) Once you have completed a few or all the steps, if you want to go back to print a document or review an audio, it is difficult to find it back.  A consultant needs to guess which step it is under and re-answer all the questions in that step to get to the documents.
b) You have no way of knowing if a consultant has started her training, got started but stalled half way through, or completed the program with flying colors.

Our New Consultant Training page has concisely repeated all the documents and audios that inTouch provides.  Now a new consultant (or a seasoned consultant) can quickly and easily find the item they need.  It also provides you an easy reference to determine what pieces you want to add without repeating or conflicting with what they have already seen.

Our New Consultant Training includes 13 vouchers - one for every step of Silver Wings.  Consultants complete a step on inTouch and complete the voucher on your website.  You receive an email each time a voucher is submitted.  Now you know who is working and who is stuck.

For a small set up fee and monthly fee, we will add this page to your UnitWise site within 1 business day.  You can change the text, add any additional documents you need and have a new comprehensive training program for your new consultants in no time at all!   Special thank you to the awesome Debra Bishop for lending us her expertise on this project.



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