New NSD Qualifications

With the new Seminar Year just around the corner, we at UnitWise thought it might be a good idea to make our users aware of the new NSD Qualification program which will officially launch on June 1st.  
(It should be noted that this information is summarized and is not an official MKHQ document)

- There will be no 4 month qualification
- There will be a new contract for new NSD's.  Old NSD's will keep the same contract.
- Important Info For NSD Candidates:
     - It is still an appointed position
     - Same 20 Director Requirement as before
     - Within the 20 Directors, 7 must be Premier Club or Cadillac car drivers
     - 5 of 20 directors must be in the US
     - NSD Candidate must be in Cadillac
     - No minimum production requirements
     - Unit size requirement is 24
- New Agreement Details:
     - NSD agreement incorporates a minimum Area size requirement to maintain the position of NSD
     - All current NSDs, and any debuting before the program changes, will be grandfathered and remain with the current NSD Agreement (no minimal Area size requirements)

- New Maintenance Requirements:
     - Maintain Diamond Circle status (min $200,000 NSD gross commissions)
     - Maintain minimum 8 first-line Directors
- Rebuilding Phase:
     - If minimum threshold is not maintained, NSD would have 1 year to rebuild and retain NSD position


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