UnitWise Welcomes Time Saver Users!

We at UnitWise would like to send a huge Thank You to all of the Mary Kay Consultants and Directors who have used the Time Saver program by MSM Technologies over the past 20+ years!  Cliff, John, and their team have certainly created a quality product that has served many individuals throughout it's existence.  Unfortunately, this is the last year that the Time Saver product by MSM Technologies will be available because they will be going out of business. 

Fortunately, we have worked with Time Saver and Cliff Oppenheimer to develop a tool that will enable all data created in Time Saver to be converted into UnitWise.  This way, when Time Saver is no longer around, its users will be able to easily transfer their membership to UnitWise without losing valuable information.

Not only will Time Saver users be able to make the switch seamlessly, UnitWise will also give all Time Saver users a Trial Period of UnitWise absolutely free!  During this time, Time Saver Users will be able to do everything that they could do in Time Saver, as well as take advantage of some wonderful features such as creating your own Personal Website, Email Marketing, Inventory Management, Financial Tracking, and much more!

To take advantage of this exclusive offer for Time Saver Users, you will need to either sign up for UnitWise then contact us, or contact us and we can walk you through the sign-up process.  You call us at 704.234.6006 to sign-up or if you have any additional questions.  

The full letter from Cliff Oppenheimer to Time Saver Users can be seen HERE


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