Your Own Domain Name

It is no secret that UnitWise allows you to use your own domain name for your UnitWise website.  This means that if you would like your web address to be "" instead of "" we can set that up for you as long as the domain name that you want is available!  For example, one of our users, Dacia Wiegandt, had the web address, but she purchased her own domain name and now her web address is  If you already own your own domain name, we can simply transfer that for you at no charge, but if you do not own the domain that you desire, we can buy it for you for only $20 per year.  Once you register a domain, it is your property as long as you pay the yearly domain fee.

What this means is that once you request a domain, we will register it in your name, and you would then be the owner of that domain.  Since we register it in your name, you have all the rights and privileges of ownership.  Even in the unfortunate event that you may choose to leave UnitWise, you would still maintain ownership of your domain name.  

This sounds like a pretty simple process, but unfortunately several of our new users have informed us that some of our competitors are actually charging their customers for this service and registering the domain in the company's name.  As if this was not enough, they are also charging a fee for releasing the domain to the customer (which they have already paid for) when they leave to try another program.  

We at UnitWise would just like to make it clear that we register domains in the names of our customers.  We do not register them to ourselves.  Because of this, we do not charge for any transfer of domains. 

If you would like more information about how to enable a custom domain through UnitWise, Check Out Our Video Here...



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