Your Three Jobs

Julie Potts, is an Independent Senior Sales Director from Ft Myers, FL. Julie will post a blog each week full of tips, tricks, info and advice for other consultants and directors. Be sure to check back each week!

As an Independent Beauty Consultant or Director in Mary Kay we are really INDEPENDENT. I think we should consider our business names to be "Julie Potts dba Mary Kay Director." DBA means 'doing business as'. YOU are your business and we are privileged to purchase and resell Mary Kay products. Think about this for a minute. Your Business name is YOU! If you opened a coffee shop or dress store with the business name as YOUR name...would you treat it differently than you do your Mary Kay. You are the CEO, CFO and COO of your business. 

Let me break this down for you... CEO-Chief Executive Officer....job description is to implement the strategic goals and objectives of your organization. To give direction and leadership toward the achievement of the organization's philosophy, mission, strategy and its annual goals and objectives. Sound impressive? It should--it's YOU! I hear soo many woman say they don't want to set goals because they don't want to disappoint themselves by not reaching them. Really? Read the paragraph above again. 

Setting goals is vital to the success of EVERY business. YOU are the organization and if you don't have these goals then what is your direction and objective in every day activities? You have already set yourself up for failure by not setting some goal. Even if it's $50 a week profit then you know you have to sell a bit more than $100 to profit $50. Goals are vital so that you can map out your road to reach that goal. If you don't know what you want, then why work at all...and we usually don't when there is not a clear end in sight. To work "just to work to see what we can get"... doesn't usually work because we find other distractions to stray us off course. 

Do you have a mission? If not then use Mary Kay's mission to Enrich the Lives of Others! How simple but yet so profound. But I bet you do have a mission. For most of us, it's actually why we joined and what we have gained from being in business with Mary Kay. My mission is "to give Mother's have a choice to be home with their children" because I was able to completely raise my kids as a stay home mom from birth to college, because of Mary Kay. My other mission is "to be a Beacon of Light for others" because so many others have been the lighthouse for me through situations and healings. What is your mission, Mrs. CEO? CFO-Chief Financial Officer...job description is to directly report to the CEO and the COO about all strategic and tactical matters as they relate to the budget management, cost benefit analysis, forecasting needs and new funding. 

Yikes. Why do we need to do this? Isn't this just a fun hobby we do in hopes that we can obtain some cash from time to time? Maybe for you...but not for me. I needed Mary Kay to pay bills immediately upon joining and its continued to pay bills for 21 years...two in college, cars, activities, groceries, etc. I have never worked another job besides Mary Kay once I started Mary Kay. Going to the grocery store with a calculator plus some cash was a serious issue. But I was taught by Mary Kay and Nationals that if you treat this like a business then you will gain business results...even if you only put in hobby hours. So what do you need to do as your CFO: -invest and manage your inventory -save for events like Seminar and Career Conference-these are priorities not luxuries -budget your expenses like Sec 2 and supplies...never more than 5% of your wholesale -set up and balance your MK checking account plus paying yourself weekly -ensure adequate cash flow through sales and team building -keep track of expenses and sales receipts for year-end taxes -set financial goals COO-Chief Operating Officer...the chief operating officer (COO) reports to the chief executive officer and is responsible for the company’s day-to-day operating activities, including revenue and sales growth. 

This is where it all comes into action. The COO of a business manages TIME! You either manage time or time manages you. Think of the example of sand, rocks and 2 glasses. Which fills the glass more efficiently? Add sand then rocks or Add rocks then let the sand fill in around? Your priorities are the rocks and the to-do list is the sand. Mary Kay gave us 2 vital tools for Time Management...1- Six Most Important List and 2- Weekly Plan Sheet. Before going to bed, write out your 6 priorities for tomorrow so you can check them off once completed. Great sense of accomplishment but you'll also get the "rocks done." Weekly plan is your ideal week. For me, I broke my weekday into 4 sections. Morning, Afternoon, Evening and Night. For the first 18 years, I didn't work weekends except for big events. When an appt cancelled, I didn't take that time off. I made phone calls or model searched...I filled it with MK since it was scheduled for MK. When the kids were home, I had to refigure my Plan Sheet every 3-4 months because their activities changed. There were some things I said no to because they were good but not priorities. Time for family was top but I had to be sure to schedule work time! 

Feeding my family was a priority too and if you don't work, it's hard to keep food on the table. Yes I missed a few events...but they tell people I went to everything! They don't remember the few I didn't get to. After school, dinner, morning before school and weekends were all very sacred times in my home and the rest was open to work. Whatever your schedule needs to be...Plan your Work and Work your Plan, as Mary Kay always told us! Your daily actions will be in direct connection to the size of your paycheck!! NOW how do you feel about your business? What are you going to do today as CEO, CFO, COO? 

These 3 jobs are also the reasons why Consultants often quit Mary Kay. 1- They don't set goals so they don't really do anything. 2- They don't manage their money so they don't feel like they made any money, but if you sell a lipstick for $13 and you buy it for $6.50 then you made $6.50...what you did with it was YOUR choice. 3- They don't manage their time so they don't ever work. They meant to do something but week after week goes by. If you are excited about your DBA business...then call your Director for a Business Strategy Appt to Set some goals, Plan your Work and Manage your Finances!!!


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