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Hello Gorgeous!

The end of the May and the end of the Seminar year is quickly approaching, can you believe it?  This week I want to remind you of how important it is to enroll your customers in your "dream".  Find your "win" between now and June and use that win to set the pace for an amazing July. Imagine using the momentum you have built in this quarter to propel you into a July like no other where you start out the new Seminar year on target for your 2011-2012 goals?  How would that make you feel? 

Use UnitWise to share with your customers what your dream is to finish up in June via email or a text blast.  Remember, if you are not currently tracking for Queen's Court of Sales or Sharing you can still choose to fill your datebook by offering an amazing Hostess Program, offer a blow out sale and stretch for your unit's Princess Court of Sales or Sharing!  What about Star?  You might want to include the picture of the Court of Sales ring, or the bee, or the Star prize you are diligently working towards and your customers are helping you earn!  Don't settle for Sapphire when you know you could stretch to Ruby or Diamond or higher!  

A tip for sending out email marketing is to personalize by including your customer's name in it more than one place. Not only in the greeting but also somewhere else in the body.  This will keep it personal to them and make them feel important!

Here's to the final four!

Pink Hugs,


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