VoiceCast with UnitWise

The recent addition of Free Conference Calling to UnitWise has opened up a variety of new features!  Especially the ability to embed the audio from a conference call to your website.  In addition to using these conference calls for training purposes, you could also use it to record your own VoiceCasts (messages to be placed on your website).

By default, all conference calls are set to be recorded.  To retrieve any recorded calls, go to Marketing >>Conference Calling >>Call Recordings >>then click on the box that says "Click Here To Retrieve Your Recordings."  

Since it is set to record each call by default, it is possible to simply call your Conference Call number with no one else on the call, and record your own messages to be posted on your website.  For example, this would be especially useful for a Welcome Page.  You could record a brief introduction to your website that visitors could listen to to get important information about you and your website.

Here is a video with more information:


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