Double Referral Credits!

To help you make the most of this new seminar year, and also by popular demand, the Heroes at UnitWise are extending the Double Referral Credit promotion until July 31st.  This means that for every 4 referrals you make, you will receive 2 months free!  (referrals must remain a paid member for at least one month to redeem credits)  

Keep this in mind as you may be attending Seminar very soon!  Seminar would be a great opportunity to refer new users to UnitWise, as well as make new MK friends from all over the country.  

To review, our promotion for the New Seminar Year Includes the following:
-  30 Days Free with Promo Code: NEWYEAR
-  Double Referral Credit: For Every 4 Referrals you get 2 Months FREE
-  Free Custom Banner for their website ($99.00 Value)
-  Free Transfer from BLVD & UnitNet
-  Free Training via Webinars, Email, Phone, Online Chat, Videos, & Help Text.


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