One Click Recognition

We are very proud to announce that we have now added the ability to post InTouch reports directly to your UnitWise website through a New Feature that we are calling "One Click Recognition."  With this feature, you can add a special recognition page to your UnitWise website and keep it updated with the most recent reports directly from InTouch.  We have even added the functionality to create your own reports to post to the website.  

Here is a video, followed by detailed instructions for creating this page:

-  To add this feature, first go to My Website under Social Media
-  Then go to the “Add Page” tab
-  Give the page a name, then select the page template to be “Special Recognition”
-  For this to work correctly, make sure that your InTouch account is linked to UnitWise.  You can Verify this in Settings>>My Account.
-  After creating this page, you can edit it by going to the Manage Site Content Page, then choose the page that you just created
-  Here, you can view the reports that are on this page.  You can change the display name, and the display order by double clicking on the text. 
-  You can also unpublish any reports that you would not like to show on your website by clicking the unpublish icon.
-  The Refresh icon on the right brings over the most current version of that report directly from InTouch
-  You can also edit the way the report appears on your website by clicking the edit icon
-  This is the default appearance for all the reports that we bring from InTouch.  You can edit the appearance of this, but when you bring new reports, it will be brought over in this format. so it is important that you Refresh the report, then edit it if you wish.
-  You can change the font, size, color, text, and much more.  Click Update Content to save it to your live site.
-  Now whenever you would like to update this report, go to the Special Recognition, and click Refresh.  This will update the reports with the current information from InTouch.  
-  If you have a report of your own that you would like to manually add, you can do that also, by clicking on “Create Your Own Report
-  Give it a Name,  and enter its display order.
-  On this page, create a name for this report.  In the column section, create the various columns for the report, separated by columns
-  In the Values area, enter the values for each column, also separated by columns
-  When you are finished, you can click “Load”
-  This will now be added to your special recognition page
-  To view this page on your website, go to “Links”  My website”
-  The go to the Special Recognition page, or whatever you named it.  Here you will see all the different reports listed.
-  To view one, just click on the link for that report.


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