UW Payment Hub

The UnitWise Payment Hub is a way for your customers to pay invoices online.  You can set this up in a few easy steps:

Step 1
In Preferences>>UW Payment Hub you will see the 3 requirements for the UW Payment Hub to work efficiently.  

1.  UW Payment Hub is only available on Consultant Complete and Director Complete Packages.  (you may need to upgrade to take advantage of this feature)
2.  Contacts with duplicate email addresses will not be able to use UW Payment Hub
3.  Your account must be linked to ProPay

Step 2
You will then have the option to allow your customers to access your UW Payment Hub to view their invoices and sales history.  You also have the option to send an email marketing campaign to a customer group to notify them about the Payment Hub.

Step 3
To manually allow a customer to access the Payment Hub, click on the Sales tab for that customer.  From here, you can create a password for that customer and send it to their email address.

Step 4

Your customers can view and pay invoices through the "Customer Sign-In" link at the bottom of your website.  Once they are inside, they can view and pay invoices directly through your website.  Once an invoice is paid online, it will be marked as paid within your UnitWise account.

Here is a Video explaining the process:


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