Intouch Sync Overview

Of the many valuable and time saving features of UnitWise, the Intouch Sync feature allows you to seamlessly import your Customers and Consultants from Intouch as well as Anniversaries and Birthdays. When you sync Consultants, UnitWise automatically checks their Consultant number to avoid creating duplicates.

Note: Using the Sync option will bring in ANY customer who is not in your UnitWise database. If you have deleted customers from your UnitWise list but they are still in your Intouch list, they WILL be brought back into UnitWise using this function.

To Sync customers and consultants from Intouch follow these steps:

1.  Go to the "Customer Center"
2.  Click "Import/Sync"

3.  Under "Sync", select "New Intouch Customers" 
4.  Click "Sync". You will be notified via email when your Sync has been completed and what information has been brought over into UnitWise.
5.  Repeat steps 2, 3 and 4 to Sync New Intouch Consultants, Intouch Anniversaries and Birthdays

Here's a video for more info: 


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