Personal Use/Demo and Donations

If you want to manage the amount of inventory you use for Personal Use/Demos or Donations, we recommend creating an account titled "Personal Use/Demo" or "Donations". To create this Personal Use, Demo or Donations customer, follow these steps:

1.  From the Customer Center, click on "Add New" and select "Customer"

2.  Enter Personal Use/Demo or Donations for the customer name and click "Save Customer"

3.  Go to the "Other Info" tab. It's here where you can make sales preferences.

4.  For Personal Use/Demo, set the Default Discount at 50%. (For Donations, you would set this Default Discount at 100%)
5.  Click "Save Customer". Now, whenever that customer is invoiced, those settings will take effect.

Note:  For the Personal Use/Demo customer as well as the Donations customer, you will need to leave the Sales Tax at 0%

You can invoice this customer for products that you use and UnitWise will keep a record of it. To view the amount of product used by a particular customer follow these steps:

1.  Go to Home and click on "Reports"
2.  Under the Customers section in reports, click on "Product Usage by Customer"

3.  Select your filter options then click "Run Report".
In this report, you can view all transaction for your selected filter options including customer and product category.

Here's a video for more info:


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