Product Returns and Replacements

If you need to return a product due to a defect or another reason, you can record that into UnitWise. To process a product return, follow these steps:

1.  Create an Invoice for the products to be returned
2.  Enter the name of the Customer that is returning the product
3.  Enter the products being returned
4.  In Product Details, go to "Sale Type" and select "Return to MK" and click "Save".
This will automatically create a credit for that customer to balance the previous invoice entered for the customer.

5. Go to "Inventory" and select "Replacement". You will notice a place for Products to be Returned. This is automatically entered based on the "Return to MK" invoice you just created. At the bottom, there is a place for Replacement Products
6. Enter the replacement products. Notice the "Retail Price" boxes. This will inform you if the difference of the products you're returning and the replacement products falls within the recommended $1.00 amount. You will need to confirm if that does.
7.  Once you have entered the replacement products and are ready to continue, you have 2 selections available. You can "Print a Worksheet" and create a paper copy of this transaction or you can "Save & Create a Purchase Order". Once you save it will go to the Purchase Order area of UnitWise                      
Note: Be sure to include the Day Code before clicking "Save & Create Purchase Order"

8.  Go to "Inventory" and select "Order from MK".
9.  Click on "Confirm Order with Intouch" and once the products come in you will need to return to "Order from MK" and click on "Receive Products"

The replacement process will remove the products you're returning from your inventory and add the new products when you've received them.


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