UnitWise: Special Discounts

If you enjoy saving time and money, you will love our Discounted Yearly Plan!  Select the Yearly Payment Plan and save up to 20%.  

Currently, our 6 Month Plan provides savings of 10%, and our very popular One Year Plan provides a 20% discount.  As of March 1, 2012 these will change to a savings of 5% for the 6 Month Plan, and 15% for the One Year Plan.

Get Locked In to the current yearly discounted rates by signing up before February 29, 2012.  This discounted rate for the yearly plan is guaranteed 
for the duration of your UnitWise subscription!

All users who have already signed up for the current discount plans will continue to enjoy this discount as along as they are subscribed to UnitWise.

If you would like to upgrade your account to one of these options, you can go to Settings >> My Account >> Payment Plan
If you are currently subscribed, this change will take effect on the next billing cycle.


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