Your UnitWise Trial Period

If you have recently begun using UnitWise, you will benefit from a Trial Period.  During the Trial Period, you will have access to the full program and all of the features associated with the package you select.  The only thing that is different about the trial period is that you will not be charged until it is over.

Once your Trial Period is over, you will receive an email notification.  To avoid a disruption in service, you will need to login to your UnitWise Account to continue using UnitWise. We will not automatically charge you for using UnitWise.  You will need to sign-in and state that you would like to continue using UnitWise.  You will be charged a pro-rated amount for the remainder of the billing period.  We charge on the 20th of each month.

This is the screen you will see in UnitWise after your trial expires:

You will not need to do this if you have already selected the UnitWise Circle Button
(This option allows your account to automatically continue after your trial period)


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