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During this hectic time of year, it can be difficult to prepare all the necessary information for a tax return.  That is why the IRS has provided the IRS Form 4868.  The Form 4868 provides a 6 month tax extension to individuals, families, Single-Member LLCs, and Self Employed Individuals that need additional time to file a tax return.  

The IRS does not require a reason to file a tax extension, nor are there any penalties for filing late if an extension is filed.  The important thing to remember though, is that a Tax Extension does not extend the amount of time to pay the tax.  Any taxes due will still be due on the traditional deadline.  A Tax Extension extends the amount of time to file a return with the IRS.  This gives additional time to prepare all the necessary paperwork and make sure that all credits or refunds are maximized and without error.  

The filing deadline this year is Tuesday, April 17th instead of the traditional April 15th deadline.  This is because April 15th falls on a Sunday this year, and Monday the 16th is Emancipation Day which is a federal holiday in Washington DC.  Do not let this extra 2 days lull you into a false sense of security.  If you are not ready to file a tax return, your safest bet is to file a tax extension.  this way you are covering all of your bases.  You could even file an extension as a security measure in case you think you will not be ready to file.  You can still file your return anytime before October 17th if a Tax Extension Form 4868 is filed.  

This can be done through our sister product:  This method includes easy to follow instructions and the Tax Extension form itself is simple to understand because they take the IRS form and break it down into a series of simple questions that are easy to answer. Once the form is complete, it can be submitted electronically to the IRS. Once the IRS has processed the 4868, an email will be sent to you to let you know that the IRS has received and accepted the Tax Extension.

If you have any questions about filing Tax Extensions, you can contact the Tax Extension Experts from their Customer Support Center at 803.514.5155 or send an email to They also offer online chat support during their live support hours from 8am - 6pm EST.


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