UnitWise LIVE with Linda Heeschen

The Heroes kicked off their Summer Tour yesterday evening with a trip to Charlottesville, Virginia to meet with Director, Linda Heeschen and her Unit.  UnitWise Heroes: Glenn and Charles were thrilled at the opportunity to meet with Linda's fabulous team of Independent Beauty Consultants and Directors!  

During this Live Demo, the UnitWise Heroes were able to explain the many features and benefits of using UnitWise as well as take many questions from the Unit.  

We would like to thank Linda and her Luminous Ladies for inviting us!  Their active participation throughout the evening made for a very open and enjoyable conversation.  It was a real pleasure to speak directly with her team and be part of their Unit Meeting!

Linda Heeschen - speaking on how she uses UnitWise

Linda Heeschen with UnitWise Heroes: Charles & Glenn

Contact The Heroes at heroes@UnitWise.com if you would like us to come visit your Unit!  


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