UnitWise Testimonials

"I absolutely LOVE the daily reminder email that tells me exactly what tasks I have scheduled in UnitWise for the next day.  My customer follow up has never been better.  Getting my email list is one of my very favorite things, second only to checking off the things that got done.  Best of all, my head doesn't swim around with random flashes of panic that I need to 'do' something that I think I've forgotten about.  It's all safely linked in UnitWise.  Being able to review the task list AND see specific action items by individual is very efficient. When I first got UnitWise I went through every single customer and scheduled my next followup in the tasks list. Two months later it feels so good to have connected with so many people whom I may have waited to hear from rather than initiate the call.  I'm so much more free to work proactively and strategically, rather than reactively, and sales are up.  Thanks, UnitWise Heroes!"
-- Carol Kramer, Sales Director --

"I have to say, that I LOVE UnitWise!  A few of the benefits that I have really found helpful that you can't get from other company's are as follows.  We can now print postage straight from UnitWise.  The majority of all my packages go to a unit member or a customer so all the addresses are there. I can even print them on plain paper and tape them on if I don't have the labels.  Awesome!  It is cheaper than Stamps.com and easier because the addresses are at your disposal!  
I signed up for the Conference Call feature and love that you can do your call - record it - then immediately when you are done you can embed it to your site as a playback link.  I have used this all year and it is easy and so helpful for your unit members.  The ease of the website is amazing.  I do have a webmaster (Cathy Koning) do the updates for me weekly - but I also add my own flyers and the YouTube videos make it really easy to know how. Plus the customer support is awesome - you can chat online or just call them!  I post my newsletters each month and other flyers for meetings etc.  You can also change the theme's and home pages easily - which keeps your site fresh.  I use the voucher system on the website for prizes to my unit. They send a prize voucher to me via the website - easy for them to be accountable to me.  All in all it is a fantastic program.  I am very pleased and would highly recommend UnitWise to every Director!"
-- Cleta Colson, Senior Sales Director --

"UnitWise has been such a great way for me to get what I need done in a quick and efficient way. I love that everything that I need to communicate with my unit and customers is all in one spot. I have to say that the best part is their amazing customer service. They are so patient whenever I  need assistance. I am not tech savy and they have been extremely helpful. They never make me feel like I am bugging them when I call with my questions. Their customer service is by far what sets them apart." 
-- Elizabeth Cherres, Sales Director --


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