Power Outage

As you may have noticed, UnitWise was temporarily unavailable late Friday evening and early Saturday morning.  This unexpected outage was caused due to some Violent Thunderstorms that affected sections of northern Virginia, Maryland, and the Washington DC area.
[Click Here to read more about these storms and consequential damages]

Now, you may be asking why this affected UnitWise?  Since we are based in Rock Hill, SC.  As you may recall, we upgraded our servers in January to be hosted on the Amazon Cloud.

Our Servers on Amazon are built with many redundancies, and are throughout the country to prevent events like this from happening.  However, technology can only come so far when faced with a natural disaster or act of God.  In this situation, one of Amazon’s Data Centers located in northern Virginia suffered from a severe electrical storm that impacted both utility power and multiple backup generators.

UnitWise was not alone in this brief outage.  Other companies such as Netflix, Pinterest, and Instagram all experienced significant downtime Friday night and Saturday morning due to these thunderstorms in north Virginia that affected our shared Amazon Data Center.   

As of this morning UnitWise was up and running properly thanks to the diligence of our programming team that has been working through the night and weekend with very little sleep to make sure that UnitWise is up and running properly.  We apologize for the inconvenience, but we are still thankful that this issue was able to be resolved in only a few hours.  

If you have further questions about this, you can contact us at heroes@unitwise.com or give us a call at 704.234.6006


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