Thank You For Calling

If you were to visit the UnitWise office in Rock Hill, SC (by the way, you are welcome to drop by anytime) you would find Real People.  Makes sense right?  While it makes perfect sense to us, it is not always common to find a company that actually employs a team that is dedicated to customer service.  

It is all too common for companies to outsource jobs like customer support, but this practice is rarely met with enthusiasm on the part of their customers.  Because of this, UnitWise has a dedicated team of Heroes who are always standing by to take any calls, emails, and chats that come in.  

This service is always available for no additional fees to all of our customers.  So please don't hesitate to take advantage of it.  We offer Phone support, online chat, Skype, online meetings, and 24/7 email support.  

We offer online training sessions through webinars that are posted on the Upcoming Events page of UnitWise.  You are welcome to attend as many of these as you would like at absolutely no cost.  If the scheduled webinars do not fit your schedule, the Heroes would love to make an appointment just for you.


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