Heroine of Sharing

Win a Free Custom Designed Website
By Becoming the Heroine of Sharing!

As you may recall, a few months ago we held a contest on
Facebook that allowed you to vote for the next New UnitWise feature. The winning feature was the "Shared Document Library"

To celebrate the new Shared Document Library, we are hosting a competition this week! Whoever adds the most documents to the Shared Library by Sunday, August 19th, will win a Free Customized website by the UnitWise Design Team.
Click Here to Learn more about adding documents

You already know about the Queen's Court of Sharing, but with UnitWise, you could be dubbed as the Heroes' Heroine of Sharing. By sharing your documents in the new Shared Library, you can easily become a leader in the UnitWise community. By sharing your documents in the Shared Library, other UnitWise users can post your documents on their website and training center. These files will publicly display your name and can be rated on a scale of 1-5 Stars so you can see what files are more popular.

In the spirit of sharing, you can share UnitWise with your friends and earn free months of UnitWise by sending Referral emails directly through the program.
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Happy Sharing!


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