Add a Playlist to your Website!

If you would like to add a playlist to your website, you can use*  

It is incredibly simple to use.  All you need to do is sign up for a free account, create a playlist of songs, and embed it onto your UnitWise website. 

Here are the Steps:
- Go to*
- Search by Song or Artist
- Add Songs to Your Playlist
- Customize your Playlist Appearance & Settings
- Save Playlist
- Create a Free Account
- Copy the Embed Code
- Go back to UnitWise
- Select a Page to add the Playlist
- Click the Embed Media Button
- Paste the Embed Code
- Click Update Content to save your work

* - is not affiliated with UnitWise. 
Keep in mind that UnitWise does offer a similar tool to add audio files to your website directly - Video Guide


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