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Sep 14, 2012

How To Password Protect Your Entire Site

With UnitWise, you can choose to add passwords to your pages individually, or you can password protect your entire site.  

To select 1 password for your entire site, you can follow these steps:

- Create a New Page called "Welcome Page"
- Select to Password Protect this page
- Be sure to Deselect Top Navigation and Side navigation so that only the Header is shown
- Create the Page
- On this page only enter one line (Something like "Click Here to see my site")
- Link this text to your home page
- Update Content & Publish the page
- In Social Media >> My Website >> Menu Order - move the new "Welcome Page" to top of the Vertical or Horizontal Menu
- In Social Media >> My Website >> General Settings - change the start-up page to the new "Welcome Page"

Take a look at this video guide to learn more:

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