How To Password Protect Your Entire Site

With UnitWise, you can choose to add passwords to your pages individually, or you can password protect your entire site.  

To select 1 password for your entire site, you can follow these steps:

- Create a New Page called "Welcome Page"
- Select to Password Protect this page
- Be sure to Deselect Top Navigation and Side navigation so that only the Header is shown
- Create the Page
- On this page only enter one line (Something like "Click Here to see my site")
- Link this text to your home page
- Update Content & Publish the page
- In Social Media >> My Website >> Menu Order - move the new "Welcome Page" to top of the Vertical or Horizontal Menu
- In Social Media >> My Website >> General Settings - change the start-up page to the new "Welcome Page"

Take a look at this video guide to learn more:


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