Sending Referrals for SpanPlan & UnitHub

SpanPlan is truly the all-in-one business management program for event industry professionals.

Event Planners, Photographers, Videographers, Officiants,
Florists, Caterers, Bakers, DJs, Wedding Planners, Reception Halls, Bands, Bridal Stores, Transportation Services, and more can all use SpanPlan.  If you have an event business SpanPlan is for you!
UnitHub is an easy to use, web-based program to help Direct Sellers flourish. It's a convenient, safe and secure way to manage all of your contacts, send Emails, & Build your online presence! UnitHub is for Anyone in a Direct Selling Business like Mary Kay*, Avon*, Pampered Chef*, Scentsy*, BeautiControl*, Stella & Dot*, Tastefully Simple*, Beachbody*, Thirty-One Gifts*, Lia Sophia*, etc.
* - UnitHub is not affiliated with any of the companies above
If you know anyone who could use SpanPlan or UnitHub for their business, you can send them a referral to build your referral credits.  Just be sure to give them your Referral Code.  This will be a different referral code than your UnitWise Referral Code.  For SpanPlan & UnitHub Referrals, your Referral code is your Username@UnitWise.  For example, if your UnitWise username is Susan, your UnitHub referral code would be Susan@UnitWise


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