UnitHub Has Launched!

The Heroes at UnitWise are very excited to officially introduce UnitHub - Launching Today, Sept 18th.

This New product from
SPAN Enterprises, our parent company, has been in development throughout the year, and is now ready to be used worldwide. UnitHub serves as an international website, marketing, and contact management tool for anyone in a direct selling business, anywhere in the world.

We began building UnitHub as a Canadian version of UnitWise, but we thought “Why stop there?” So we have made
UnitHub available internationally and it can be used with any direct selling business!

Thanks to our new monthly referral contest, you will be able to benefit from passing this information along to your friends in any type of direct selling business. You can send referrals for UnitWise & UnitHub directly from your UnitWise
account to win a Roku Player each month! Learn more about the Referral Contest

UnitHub will include many of the same features that you are already familiar with on UnitWise such as:
- A Fully Customizable Website
- SEO Tools
- Email Marketing
- Contact Management
- Facebook & Twitter Integration
- An Interactive Calendar
- Online Training Center
- Inventory & Accounting modules will be part of the second version.

Start Sharing UnitWise & UnitHub with your friends! With 2 great products to send referrals for, you can double your chances of winning a Roku Player!

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