Congrats to the Roku Winner: Julie Jones

Congratulations to Julie Jones: The Winner of September's UnitWise Referral Contest! 
Julie Jones at Mary Kay's Desk in Dallas
Julie Jones, Sales Director from Indiana, will be receiving a FREE Roku Player courtesy of the UnitWise Heroes for sending the most referral emails during the month of September. 

The UnitWise Heroes would like to thank everyone for all of the referrals that were sent this month, and would also like to recognize the runners up.  The following ladies came very close to winning this challenge:
1st Runner Up: Tammy Zeigle
2nd Runner Up: Ana Solomon

If you didn't win this month, then try again in October!  We will also be giving away another Roku Player this month as well! 
So start sending those referrals! There's no time to loose!


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