Use the Rich Editor to Customize your Website

Your UnitWise Website offers many customization options through our Rich Editor.  To access this, you will need to login to your UnitWise account, then select "Social Media" >> "My Website".  After selecting a page to edit, you will be able to add content.

Edit the Font, Size & Color of the Text:
We offer a handful of universal fonts to choose from, you can also select any size or color for the text on your website.

Link to Another Website:
Selecting the "Link" icon will allow you to link directly to another website.  For Example: highlight words like "Click Here to View my Facebook Page" then click "Link" and enter the url ( for your facebook page.  Words and images can be linked to other sites.

Add Images:
Selecting the "Image" button allows you to browse your Resource Library to add images to your website.  If you have not yet uploaded the image to your image library, you may also upload it directly from your computer.  Any files hosted on your UnitWise website must also be stored within the Resource Library section of your account.

Embed Videos & Other HTML:
The "Embed Media" Button allows you to upload any html object to your website.  You can also use this to select videos from YouTube or Vimeo that are in the resource library.  This is an incredibly versatile feature because there are so many html objects available online.  Most video hosting sites offer html codes to embed videos.

Add Audio:
If you have added audio files to the Audio section of the Resource Library, you can embed them into your website by selecting the "Audio" button here.  These audio files must be in the Resource Library in order to embed them.

Create a Table:
Creating a table can be useful for entering data in a spreadsheet format.  It can also be helpful to evenly space images on a page.  for example. you can create a table and add images in the cells.  This can help to provide even spacing to images in a grid layout.

Create Online Forms:
Online Forms can be used to collect information from your website visitors.  You can add multiple types of text boxes to collect data, and add a submit button to have it sent to you when it is completed.  


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