One Step CDS

CDS Orders just got a lot easier thanks to UnitWise!  For each Customer Delivery Service transaction, you can record it as a CDS Order to track the income & expense from just one place! 

Here's How We Have Simplified This:
-  After a CDS order has been made, you can record the transaction in UnitWise using a Sales Receipt
-  Check the box for "Use Customer Delivery Services"
-  Enter the Product Details
-  Verify that the total is correct for your customer
-  Receive Payment  (Note:  Use Processed Credit Card if your card has already been processed through InTouch)
-  Select a Deposit To account
At the bottom, you can enter your costs for this order. 
-  Enter Your Shipping Costs & Total Amount Paid to MK
-  Select a Pay From account to track your expenses

After you Save this Receipt, a Purchase Order will automatically be created to track your expenses incurred for this CDS Order!
This particular example includes a total cost amount of $19. 
This consists of  $14 worth of product (wholesale) and $5 Shipping & Handling


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