Adding Music with SoundCloud

To add a playlist to your UnitWise website, you can embed a music player or playlist from another source.  A good example of this is using SoundCloud.  This music streaming service is free to use and an account can be created in minutes!

After signing-in, you can explore their music options, and also search for a song or artist.  

When you find a song that you like, you can click "Add to Set" to add it to a playlist hosted through SoundCloud.

After a playlist (or "set") has been created, you can click the "Share" button to generate an html code to add to your site.

A default code for this playlist widget will be created for you, but if you would like to customize it, you can click the "edit" button.  This will allow you to change the color & select it to play automatically.  

When you are satisfied with the appearance of your playlist, you can right click on the "Widget Code" and click "Copy."

Back in your UnitWise account, you can go to Social Media >> My Website>> Select a page.   When you have found a space on the page to add the playlist, you can click the "Embed Media" button (this looks like a film strip).  This will open a pop-up window; here you can right click & click "Paste" to Paste the Widget code from SoundCloud.  To save your changes, you can click Update Content to update your live site.

Watch this Video Guide to See How Easy it is to Add Music to Your UnitWise Website


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