Can You Feel The Power?

The Heroes will be traveling to Florida this week to join the Feel The Power Retreat in Sandestin, Florida on Feb 1st & 2nd.

Glenn got Elena & Amber some Valentine's donuts
today in appreciation of their excellent work.

We are truly honored to be taking part in this major Mary Kay event with so many NSDs, Directors, and Consultants from all over the country.  This Event will be hosted by Angie "O" and will feature some major NSDs including: Gloria Mayfield Banks, Pam Shaw, Gillian Ortega, Joanne Barnes, Auri Hatheway, Kate DeBlander, and More!  This event will also feature Mary Kay Vice President of Sales Force Motivation: Sean Key.  

The UnitWise Heroes will be presenting on Friday Afternoon & Saturday Morning!  By popular demand, we will be bringing a team of Heroes to present.  During the Leadership Conference in LA, we received many compliments on some of our female support staff, so for this event we will be bringing Heroes: Amber & Elena for their first big UnitWise Event.   We are all thrilled to be attending this exciting retreat, and we can't wait to see everyone!


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