Create a Slideshow with Animoto

We hope that you had a great time at the Mary Kay Leadership Conference in Los Angeles. You most likely have tons of pictures from the conference that you cannot wait to share with the world! This quick tutorial will show you how to create amazing slideshows via Animoto (UnitWise is not affiliated with Animoto, the instructions below are for education purposes of our users only. Basic Animoto services are free, but for more features you could upgrade to paid packages)

- Go to >> Click "Create Video" in the upper right >> Select Skin >> create account >> choose "Make 30 second video free" (unless you like to make it longer and willing to pay, starting at $30 per year) >> follow the steps to add music, actual pictures and text.

- Click on "Preview" video, if satisfied, click "Skip & Produce" >> click on "More" on the right 

- Click on Embedded video >> Copy the code to your Clipboard.

- Log on to your UnitWise account >> Social Media >> My Website >> click on the page where you would like to display your slideshow 

-Click on the "Embed Media" icon >> paste the HTML code from Animoto >> Click OK >> Update Content.

You can add as many slideshows like that you your pages as you like. Spread the joy, have fun!


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