Linking to Another Website Through UnitWise

You can add as many pages as you like to your UnitWise website. We are sure that you have many pages to share with your team. One of the ways to share a page is to create a "Link to Page" web page. Here is how it works: let's say you would like to share your Twitter page with your Unit. First, open your Twitter page in a separate tab and copy the URL of that page.

Then log on to your UnitWise account and go to Social Media >> My Website >> Add Page.

-Enter the page name, for example "My Twitter page",

-Be sure to select "Link to page" template in the drop down menu.

-Paste the URL of your Twitter page in the URL box

-It is best to select "New window" in the drop-down menu to prevent your site visitors from leaving your website

-Click "Create page" and remember to Publish it.

You can create a Link To Page for any website, the possibilities are endless: your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Mary Kay Website (Your "Shop with Me" page is probably already set up as a link to page), your Director's Website, etc.


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