One Step CDS - How it Works

UnitWise is happy to say we have simplified the CDS Order process! We have added the ability to keep track of the invoice and expense all in one transaction. 

 Here's how it works: 
Step 1 - Create the invoice or receipt as you normally would, but make sure to check the "Use Customer Delivery Service" box located under the customers information. 
Step 2 - Calculate shipping and enter it here into the shipping field, if passed shipping onto your customer then leave this field at $0 and charge shipping on the customers portion. 
Step 3 - The Cost of Goods field will be wholesale product price + shipping (if shipping was passed to customer then amount is 0) + the full retail tax amount. 
Step 4 - The Pay From Account is going to record the expense into your Chart of Accounts, simply choose which account to charge and enter the total cost of goods again (this will be the same amount located in the COG field).


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