Save 15% on UnitWise

We take great pride in providing an incredibly valuable product for Mary Kay consultants, directors, and NSDs across the country.  Our Team is always hard at work with new features and using new technologies to ensure that UnitWise is the most advanced program of its kind.  

We are also passionate about providing this great product at an affordable price.  No matter if you are just getting started as a consultant or if you are a Senior Sales Director or NSD - We have a package that is right for you!  

Thanks to our different payment plans, you can save even more!  By default, we offer a monthly plan with no contracts, no obligation, & no hidden fees.  To save some money on your UnitWise subscription, you can upgrade to our 6 Month Plan to save 5% or our One Year Deal to save 15%.  Our most popular plan is the One Year Deal which provides a savings of up to $53 depending on the package.

To upgrade to another Payment Plan, you can go to 
Settings >> My Account >> Payment Plan


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