Year-End Tax Reports for Your Business

Everything you do in UnitWise is tracked and accounted for. Every Sales Receipt, Invoice, Purchase Order, Loan/Borrow, Exchange, Expense, etc is stored on our secure servers. That's A Lot of information & our program has taken all that info & conveniently organized it all into a series of reports.

You can access all this information from Home -- Reports. You will notice in the left column that we have reports for each section of UnitWise including Customers, Accounts, Products, etc.

There is even a section of Reports entitled "Year End - Tax." This section includes reports that will be of particular interest around tax time including Profit & Loss, Non-Recovered Sales Tax, and many more.

Running the reports is a simple process: just enter the time period, any search criteria, and run the report. Each report can be saved as a pdf or excel file so you can save them or send them to your accountant.

If you have any questions regarding running your reports, just give us a call or send us an email. We aren't Tax Advisors, but we would love to help you find a report or show you how each one works.


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