Eliminate Duplicates From Your UnitWise Account

If you have duplicates in your UnitWise account, you can easily merge them in a few simple steps.  

The process of merging duplicates simply combines the information of the duplicate accounts into One master account.  This way, you do not have to actually delete anyone's important information.  All of their info, sales history, etc will be merged into one account so that you can access all of their data from one account.

1. From Customer Center, go to Duplicates, which is located on the left
2. Here you will see a list of duplicated contacts and customers. 

3. You will need to save or print this list by using the gray buttons on the top right.  
4. Click Find & Merge Duplicates
5. This will take you to the Find & Merge Contact screen. You can choose to merge any or all of the options listed. Once you have selected which options to merge, click Search
6. Your search results will appear for the options you selected, check the boxes on the left for the contacts you wish to merge and click Next.
7. You can then select which record will be set as the Master Record. By default, the first record will be set as the Master Record and all non-empty values from other records are merged with the Master Record. All related records including Invoices, Customer Payments, Sales Receipts, Loan, Borrow, Exchange, Credit/Refunds and Activities will be associated with the newly merged record
8. Click Merge


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