Record Your Trip Logs with UnitWise

With UnitWise, you can easily track all your income & expenses so that getting ready for tax season is a breeze.  This includes recording certain tax write offs like your mileage expenses.  As an independent beauty consultant, you can write off any miles that were driven for your business activities.  This includes events like product deliveries, meetings, and conferences. 

In UnitWise, you can go to Accounts >> Trip Logs to create a record of each trip you make.  These trips can be recorded by the number of miles driven, or you can enter the odometer readings of each trip. 

You can even record your trip logs on the go with on your Smartphone.  This way, you can record your miles as they happen.  Just don't try to use it while you are actually driving! 

All of these miles are recorded, and you can view reports for any time period (yearly, monthly, quarterly). 

To write off these expenses for 2012, the standard mileage rate is 55.5 cents per mile.

This is just one more way that UnitWise can make your Tax Season less frustrating. 


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