Smart Import for Contacts

With UnitWise, there are several ways to add people into your account. The easiest way to add customers and consultants is to Sync From InTouch. In order to add contacts into your account, you can use our new Smart Import tool.

The Smart Import option allows you to input a large amount of contacts to your UnitWise account at one time from an excel or csv file. This way you can input large lists from a spreadsheet.

To begin the Smart Import, you will need to go to Settings >> Tools within your UnitWise account.  Next, select what file you would like to upload, and select how you would like the information to be merged with your current contacts.  This helps ensure that no duplicates are created.

After selecting a file, you can then map the fields for the document that was uploaded. Here you can select the columns for first name, last name, email address, birthday, and much more.

After mapping these fields, you can officially import this list into your UnitWise account to be viewed in the Customer Center >> Contacts


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