Add Your Conference Calls to Your Website

Thanks to our Free Conference Calling Feature in UnitWise, you can add your Conference Call recordings to your UnitWise website!
You can view your Recorded Calls section and from this page, select the icon that reads "Click Here to retrieve your recordings"

This will then bring over all your recorded calls that are not already listed here. To embed them on your website, simply click on the icon for "Get Embed Code"

To copy this code, simply click on it, then copy it by clicking Ctrl C

To Embed this to your website, you can post it on any page. For example, this one will be used as a Welcome Message that I will post on my Home Page. So that whenever someone visits my site, they will have the ability to listen to this message.

To embed it, you may select anywhere on the page, Enter a Name- so that the audio has some kind of explanation.

Then you can select the icon that looks like a film strip that says "Embed Media." On this page, you can paste the embed code and then click OK.

Then select Update Content to save it
It is important to remember that since this audio file is embedded on you site it is not taking up any of your storage space because it is hosted by Free Conference Calling.

Other programs may require you to download the file, add it to your resource library, then add it to your page. That process would require more storage space and would slow down the speed of your site. That's why we wanted to provide the perfect solution for this by giving you the ability to embed these files to your website.


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