Using Tables on your UnitWise Website

Tables can be used for several different purposes on your UnitWise website.  You can, of course, use them for adding spreadsheet information such as charts and statistics.  Another common use for tables on your website is adding a photo grid.

Adding images within a Table allows you to line them up perfectly.  Instead of trying to place individual images in exactly the right spot on your website, you can just create a table with the same amount of cells as the amount of images that you need to add.  Then you can simply add an image in each cell.

Follow these instructions for a Step By Step guide:

- In your UnityWise Account, go to Social Media >> Website
- Select a page you would like to edit
- Find a space on the page to insert the table
- Click the icon that says "Table"
- Enter the number of Rows & Columns for this table
- You may edit the width & height if you choose
- Specify an amount for the Border Size, Cell Spacing, & Cell Padding (A Border Size of 0 creates an invisible border)
- Specify the Alignment (left, right, center)

After the table has been added, you can easily add photos by clicking the "Image" button.  You may need to resize certain images in order for them to fit correctly within the table. 

Once your table has been successfully created, click Update Content to save your work & update your site


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