Featured Vendor: Jenni B Charmed

Jenni B Charmed has even created a special UnitWise charm

Listen to our Interview with Jim & Valerie of Jenni B Charmed!

Jenni B Charmed has become synonymous with quality handmade charms for the Mary Kay industry.  We recently had the chance to speak with The Owners of Jenni B Charmed - Jim & Valerie Rampton - about their history with Mary Kay and the origin of Jenni B Charmed.  You can listen to the interview through the link at the top of this page.  

Jenni B Charmed began as a hobby by Jenni Rampton (Jim's sister).  Jenni began making custom charms as a special incentive for her mother's consultants.  Her mother would give away these charms to her consultants as an additional prize for their achievements.  

Years after Jenni starting making these charms, Jenni B Charmed is still performing the same task, but on a much larger scale.  Directors from all over the country can purchase their excellent jewelry online to distribute to their consultants for outstanding achievement.

Jenni B Charmed has recently introduced CUPCAKE Marketing - a fun way for Directors & Consultants to share the Mary Kay opportunity.  For More Information Click Here

For More information about how you can purchase these custom charms for your consultants, and see what promotions they have for this month you can Click Here!  

As you can see at the top of this page, Jenni B Charmed has even created a New UnitWise Charm!  They make great gifts for any special occasion & The Heroes will definitely be adding these to our capes!


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